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Mission Updates

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

Greetings and peace to all who desire to know what God is doing through Missionaries To The Nations (MTTN) an outreach mission ministry chosen and directed by God.

We thank God our Father and His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ for choosing us to do the work we have been engage in for so many years. We have labored in countries such as Kenya and Tanzania, East Africa, Nigeria, West Africa, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Dominion Republic, Haiti, and indirectly Pakistan.

Local Missions

We are working locally in the Glen Haven Apartment Complex in northern Greensboro. There are many families from various countries who reside in this community. Many speak very little English or no English at all. There are several needs among the families. Listed below are some of the needs that MTTN is endeavoring to provide:

  • Shoes because many are wearing flip flops or sandals in the middle of winter. If they have shoes, they have no socks. In the summer of 2016 by God’s grace, MTTN along with the help of ministry supporters were able to purchase approximately 85 pairs of shoes for the children of Glen Haven. Today, we are still working to provide shoes for the children who are in need.

  • Clothing/Coats is a much needed item especially for the children.

  • Appliances have also been provided such as washers, dryers, and microwaves. Many families are still in need.

  • Beds and mattresses have also been provided so families would not have to sleep on the floor. Again, many families are still in need.

  • Food is given as much can be acquired. Fresh vegetables, fruits, and milk are disseminated until it is depleted.

  • The Gospel of Jesus Christ is always shared as the Spirit allows.

International Missions

Pakistan - We are working with a pastor from Pakistan whose name I cannot share at this time for safety concerns. MTTN provided Bibles and other humanitarian aid that was helpful in spreading the Gospel of Jesus during crusades.

Kenya, Africa – We are committed to helping Pastor Newton Nderi build a family/mission home. Pastor Newton is a faithful co-laborer in the body of Christ. Since 1996, we have known and worked with him on many different projects. Pastor Newton has a big heart for the saving of souls for the Kingdom of God. This building will provide housing for missionaries visiting Kenya.


As you read the work that MTTN is currently engaged in and would like to partner with us regularly or as a one-time donor, you can send your financial donation to the listed address on the Donations tab of our website. (#donations, #donors)

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