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Ministry in the Mud

Updated: Dec 20, 2018

May 2011

Ministry in the Mud - That's the consensus of the mission team who endured the torrential rain downpour during the crusade.

On the first evening of the crusade, we were all soaked by a torrential rain downpour. Just as the crusade was about to start at 4:00 in the evening at the Omi-Ado Village came a torrential rain downpour like we have never seen. This was the start of the children's crusade. We thought to ourselves, the children will leave because it is raining so severe, no one will stay or even come to the crusade in this rain. Then we heard and saw the loud crackling and piercing lightning. Well - we were wrong! The children that were already there stayed and more children came. The crusade started, and the children stayed, and more children and adults came, and they came. Missionary Jo Ann Smith began ministering in the rain and lightning the story of King David and his obedience to God. Pastor Parasenia Correa and Missionary Jean Johnson followed through with the remaining story and a call to salvation for all present. The small tent we were all crowded under began to leak and cave in from the rain accumulation. Then came the shout - "Preach" - from Missionary Rochester. Once we began there was no stopping, rain or shine. This was our cue to continue and preach louder because this was normal for the indigenous people in threaten weather. Therefore, we ministered all during the storm. The atmosphere was electric from the storm and with excitement for the Gospel.

Mission Team from left to right: Missionary Bob Smith, Elder Anthony Parris, Missionary Jo Ann W. Smith, Apostle Zebedee Sheppard, Pastor Parasenia Correa, Deacon Johnny Faison, and Apostle Perry Ashford (rear)

Later that evening, Missionary Bob Smith ministered in the Adult Crusade and the grounds were packed with people. The mud was so heavy on our shoes we could barely lift our feet, still we shared in a praise dance with the villagers. Countless children and adults accepted salvation. Food and clothing were distributed after each crusade, while the Bible College students conducted medical clinics. (#Nigeria, #Africa, #missionary, #WestAfrica)

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